Terms & Conditions

Business Conditions for JR Transport - A Clean Danish Transport Company!

- No start or billing fee at your shipping company!

** Note ** - We do not use a start or billing fee !!!

  • National transport

    - hour, mileage or trip-rating.

  • International transport

    - kilometers or trip-estimation

  • Payment terms, interest and fees

    - Ibn. month + 14 days after which interest and fees are calculated
    - Road, bridge and ferry taxes are excl. freight costs.
    - All prices are excl. VAT.
    - Please note that the mileage payment is settled according to the speedometer

  • Complaint

    - In case of damage or damage, please advise a driver or caretaker promptly in writing.

JR Transport is insured in accordance with applicable Danish legislation and applicable rules for the CMR Act.

As a Danish transport company, it is important for JR transport to meet the ethical and environmental demands that our continent demands.

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