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Danish privately owned freight company with great International experience

JR Transport is a 100 per cent. independent Danish-owned freight company, with start-up in 2006.

The owner Jørgen Rasmussen has gained his experience as an export driver at the K.E. Christesen in Padborg, Jørgen Knudsen in Ryomgård and Børge Ernø's in Toftlund.

Experience has been gained at destinations such as the Balkans, the Near East, Western Europe, Southern Europe, British Isles and Scandinavia.

JR-Transport currently has 4 permits for freight for foreign bills and 4 A permits.

We offer transport of most types of goods ranging from refrigeration / freezer transport, to goods and dangerous goods.

The JR-Transport freight company attaches great importance to appearing as the neutral transport partner, and offers as a starting point to transport goods throughout Denmark, as well as to all Scandinavian and European countries.

But we are flexible and when delivery security is the most important, we also see other destinations as a challenge.

  • At JR Transport, it is diligent - and even very diligent - combined with skilled and committed employees crucial and absolute clue.
  • Credibility to customers is crucial, so it is important for us to say yes to tasks we are sure to be able to handle. This means that one is considered as one who has the words in his own house.
  • Therefore, it may be necessary in times to say no to other and new customers. This is anxious, but a prerequisite if you want to maintain your credibility.
  • The company JR-Transport has no ambitions about large-scale operations, we take pride in focusing on personal and individual service, where seriousness and delivery security are paramount.
  • JR-Transport considers it self-evident that traffic rules and the applicable legislation are about to run
    - rest periods may be observed at any time

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